India ink wash Black Swan 11x17 PanelRules of Fight Club: Jack and Tyler PortraitsHunter S. Thompson India Ink Wash Portrait"How about a Magic Trick?" Joker India Ink PaintingUniversal Monsters Meets QueenRed Skull is Victory!Pennywise "It's Mourning Again in Derry"Pennywise Has a PosseThe Joker "Here Is My Card" PaintingAmerican Psycho "There Is An Idea of a Patrick Bateman"American Psycho "Fit In"I DriveV for Vendetta "You May Call Me V"Watchmen: Rorschach "Dog's Get Put Down" Word ArtThe ExorcistNight of the Living DeadThe Houses of HogwartsJustice League of America: Wonder WomanJustice League of America: SupermanJustice League of America: Martian ManhunterJustice League of America: Green LanternJustice League of America: The FlashJustice League of America: BatmanJustice League of America: AquamanIron Man Grunge PrintInglourious BasterdsHellboy "I'm Fireproof"666-Evil PaintingFight Club "Losing All Hope Is Freedom"Fight Club "His Name Is Robert Paulson"Donnie Darko "The Countdown Has Begun"The Dark Knight Rises "Why Do We Fall"Army of Darkness "Hail to the King, Baby"